Demolition: Commercial—Industrial—Construction

Thomson Demolition specializes in building and structure demolition. We comply with all M.O.E. and federal regulations and employ fully trained and insured staff. Thomson Demolition recognizes the value that can be derived from salvageable items, and materials within a structure. This in turn can prove profitable for the client, as it can reduce demolition service costs.

Thomson Demolition has decades of experience dealing with all types of unique demolition service situations. This enables us to guide our customer through all procedures, environmental issues and planning checklists required to perform a hassle free demolition project.

Thomson Demolition will walk you through the entire demolition process. We have the qualifications, expertise, and professionalism to handle all your demolition requirements. Contact us today to find out how Thomson Demolition can help with Commercial, Industrial and Construction demolition projects with our advanced demolition services and equipment.

Safety First
Thomson Demolition's top priority is the safety of all personnel directly and indirectly involved within the demolition area. Intricate planning for a demolition project is the most important part of the project and that is why so many clients turn to Thomson Demolition! We are an experienced team competent in all phases of the demolition industry and we ensure that all measures are taken to perform the job safely.

Demolition Equipment:

  • Caterpillar Ultra Hi-Reach 330 c/w LaBounty 1500R Hydraulic Shear
  • Caterpillar 345 c/w LaBounty 3000R Hydraulic Shear
  • Caterpillar 345 c/w LaBounty 2000R Hydraulic Shear/Processor
  • Caterpillar 330 c/w Hydraulic Hammer/Magnet/Grapple
  • Caterpillar 330 c/w Grapple/Magnet/Processor
  • Caterpillar 235 c/w LaBounty 70R Hydraulic Shear
  • Caterpillar 315 c/w Grapple/Bucket
  • Skidsteers
  • Manlifts