About Us

Thomson Metals is an Ontario scrap metal recycler based in Burlington that has proudly serviced customers since 1980. Our customers include many of Canada’s largest companies that work with metal, who trust Thomson with their scrap metal recycling needs. We are one of the few scrap metal groups that own and operate all of the equipment necessary to haul, process, and deliver your metal directly to the end user – we are not just a middle person, but a fully integrated provider. Our customers include some of the largest automotive parts manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, demolition contractors, and more… We have a portfolio of Tier-1 customers that would gladly attest to the quality of our service.

Our commitment to health and safety standards, our professionalism, established track record and ISO certification qualify us to operate within industrial complexes all over Canada. Many of our loyal employees have been with us since our beginning so you are working with a team that understands your exact needs and delivers friendly, competent customer service.

Our trucks and drivers will:

  • Pick up your materials
  • Store all materials in our inventory of over 1,000 bins
  • Deliver and process your materials