Demolition Services

Thomson Services for Ontario’s Demolition Companies

Thomson Demolition is not your competitor but your partner in the demolition business. We are a service provider to large demolition companies throughout Ontario.

Here is what we offer to your demolition company:

  • A large fleet of trucks, trailers and bins
  • Large metal scows that we can leave on your job site to fill with materials
  • 24-hour dispatching to conveniently call our truck to your site

For larger demolition jobs, we own shears and large portable bailers that we are happy to bring to your job site.

We Buy & Remove Scrap Metal

Thomson will buy your scrap metal, paying you in a timely manner and removing the metal on your schedule.

Work with Thomson Demolition

When you are preparing a demolition bid, please call or email Thomson Demolition first. Our number is 905-681-8832, and our email address is

Ontario Plant Cleanups with Tank & Tower Removal

Thomson Demolition provides plant cleanups, including tank and tower removals, throughout Ontario. Our crew will join you for your initial site visit and help estimate the amount of scrap metal at the demolition site.

Cost-Effective Scrap Metal Services

Thomson Metals, Waste & Demolition Services offers you more than 30 years of experience in assessing scrap metal in commercial and industrial structures. We advise on how to best sort scrap material at the demolition site. Our goal is to reduce handling times and labour costs so we can improve our payments to you for your scrap metal.

Thomson: Your Partner in Winning Ontario Demolition Contracts

Before your next demolition contract, call Thomson Demolition in Burlington for our metal value estimates. We will provide you with a detailed summary of the estimated scrap metal at the demolition site and provide you with our best price paid for the material.

Our experts return estimates quickly so you will safely meet your deadline. When needed, we will provide a deposit or a letter of credit (LOC) in advance of a job.

Confidentiality & Credibility

Protecting your confidentiality is our first priority. We are truly independent. Thomson Demolition is 100% privately owned. If you bring us the opportunity to work with you on a demolition project, we will not share that information with anyone.

As to credibility, we work with many of Canada’s largest demolition companies. Thomson Demolition is ISO certified, and we treat health and safety standards as our top priority.

Win more demolition contracts with Thomson as your partner. We are well capitalized, providing a deposit and letter of credit (LOC) when needed.